Prairie Wolf

  • Company Profile

    Prairie Wolf Prairie Wolf is a reliable and well experienced manufacturer of commercial fitness
    equipment since 1997. We have been committed to creating the most professional,safe,
    modern and high quality of fitness equipment for 20 years.

    The main characters of our equipment are:

    ◆ Self-designed and developed
    ◆ Unique modeling, concise and modern technics.
    ◆ Professional and precise exercise angles.
    ◆ Correct movement, get exactly into the training target.
    ◆ Comprehensive and delicate training reaches throughout the whole muscle group.
    ◆ Enjoy the smooth and comfort of ergonomic and mechanics.
    ◆ Strict selection of material and spare parts to ensure equipment to be firm and reliable.

    In addition to the self-designed and developed equipment, we are also able to do the
    good job on ODM and OEM. Besides, our new Aqua cardio and Rehabilitation
    series are also under development to meet the demand of world trend.

    Prairie Wolf has the full confidence of being comparable with the world-class brands.
    Professional sportsmen need strong muscle and perfect body curve; people need health
    and energy. Our ultimate goal is continuously designing - development - creation -
    manufacturing the best quality and top-notch equipment for all of them.

    Welcome to join us - a healthy big family - PRAIRIE WOLF!